Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Janakpur is a very famous place due to its religious and historical value inside and outside the country.Also, the importance of Janakpur cannot be denied in the area of  Nepalese Politics as it act as the second power in the politics of Nepal. This may be the reason enough to explain the importance of Janakpur.

As Modi expressed his feelings towards Janakpur and lumbini visit while he was in Kathmandu in August, he will be visiting Janakpur and may enter Janakpur thorough Bhittamod-Janakpur roadadway which is 19 km long in a four day visit to take part in 18th SAARC summit which will be held at Kathmandu. The PM Narendra Modi will perform special puja in Janaki Mandir of Jankpurdham. Apart from Janakpur, Modi also have plan to visit Lumbini and Muktinath.

In spite of  what may be the reason, Modi visit to Janakpur, there will be some benefit to Janakpur and its people. The government has allocated some budget for the renovation of temples and historical monuments. Although the budget provided is not enough, bu it  will certainly be helpful in the development and beautification of  historical monuments of Janakpur to the some extent.

Like wise, the route through which Modi will enter Janakpur will also get constructed. The Bhittamod-Janakpur road which is in worn out condtition for many years, we can see construction work going on rapidly at the different parts of the route to complete before the Modi arrival. Lets hope the constructed road will be good enough so that it will last long and could not be limited only for Modi visit so that locals can take benefit from the road for longer period of time.

I don't know why government can't see the worn out condition of different places and parts across the country during the rest of the time. Why the development work is done only when the highest officials from foreign country visit to Nepal. Do the government are unaware of condition of different parts of the country or they don't want to see. Lets hope, the eyes of the government will be opened soon so that we don't have to rely on others for the development of our own country.


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