Thursday, November 6, 2014

As we know that the world is connected globally by the means of internet and technology. We can talk and chat with freinds and family in no time but when it comes to real video chat, we may not have webcam or poor quality webcam integrated in computer. But dont worry today I would like to share information about how to use our mobile phone as a webcam in application like skype and other camera based websites.

And for this all we need is only an android(2.2 or higher) mobile phone and computer or laptop and common wifi connection.First of all install "droidcam" from android market in the mobile phone and droidcam client in the computer from shown in figure below.

droidcam app in mobile
droidcam clientin pc

1)Download and install droidcam in mobile and pc as shown in above figure.
2)Open the droidcam and windows client in both mobile and computer connected within same wifi        network.
3)Now open droidcam app in both mobile and computer.
4)Enter the wifi ip and port number shown in mobile in the computer.
5)Now we have a working webcam as shown in fig below.

connected mobile cam with computer
6)Now just select change picture in the skype as shown in figure below.
skype logged in
7)Selcet droidcam from choose a different webcam section, droidcam1, droidcam2, droidcam3 are all
   the same thing but always try droidcam1 which is most likely to work in most platform.

dordcam selected
8)Now your mobile is ready to use as webcam in skype for a video call to your friends,

  Similarly, you can also use droidcam as a webcam in different camera based web page or app in         computer and get connetcted with friends and family.
  If you have any problem please feel free to ask   and drop your comment in the comment box .

  Enjoy and Happy video calling!!!


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