Saturday, September 12, 2015

I am posting my new post after a long time so I am extremely sorry for that. So today i would like to post about how to add recycle bin features to our mobile phones. And from now I will be posting regularly so keep visiting and thanks for visiting us.
Unlike pc there is no recycle bin features in mobile phones and sometimes we accidently delete some photos or files from your smartphone and we are unable to recover it. But don’t worry now we can add recycle bin features to our android phones using simple apps available on google play store. There are many apps available in play store  and today I will demonstrate two such apps that I prefer which will help you to recover your important data which are deleted accidently. They are DUMPSTER and ES FILE EXPLORER.

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Just install the dumpster and select what types of files you want to put in recycle bin as demonstrated in the picture. The files which has been deletes are shown in the dumpster. You can easily recover files from here which was deleted knowingly or unknowingly. By using this app you have a option to choose specific types of files which you want to be recycled which is unavailable in Es File explorer.

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Es File explorer
You can install it from google play store too. After installing it just open the app then tap on the top left of the app which will show you various options. Then go to tools option and tap on the recycle bin which will indicate the enabling of recycle bin by showing it in on state which will enable a recycle bin feature in your phone. And thus your accidently deleted files can be recovered from here by tapping on the recycle bin option.
Just like dumpster you don’t have to select what type of file you have to remove which is hassle free too. It will recover all types of files which are deleted.

This one is one of my favourite method to add recycle bin features in the mobile phones. The reason behind in it is that I don’t have to add extra app for enabling recycle bin features which will save space in low end phones and is a popular file manager which help me to manage my files in the phone.


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