Friday, April 3, 2015

This is the world of technology and with the advancement in technologies there is a drastic change in the lifestyle of the people. And wireless technology is one of the revolutionary change in the world of technologies. People are able to communicate long distance wirelessly by the means of mobile phones and are also able to surf internet wirelessly using wifi, GPRS, edge, 3G etc. Nobody likes to use messy wires and cables hanged around them so today I would like to post a tutorial which will subtract a wire from your life.
We must have used data cables for data transfer between android and computers but have you ever imagined  that we can transfer files between android phones and computers wirelessly. Whether we have lost our data cables or was damaged which is quite common now a days. Sometimes we may have forgotten data cable and want to transfer some files and unable to transfer important files which will be quite frustrating.

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With the help of small android app we can transfer files between android phone and computer using wifi of computer and anroid phones. Remember it transfers files between wifi built in two devices and don’t use third party network or internet connection.
All we have to do is download an app called Software Data Cable from android market or playstore.

Download link:
software data cable

Then just open the app and tap on START SERVICE and select create network which will create a wifi hotspot asking you to setup SSID or dismiss. Just dismiss it or you can manuaklly set up SSID and password using setup SSID option and connect your pc to wifi hotspot using SSID and password displayed on the screen.
After the successful connection you can see an ip address like “ftp://192.168.XX.X:XXXX/”. Then just type the full address displayed on screen to your windows explorer. This will display all the files in the android device in your explorer from where you can copy or transfer it to the pc or vice versa.
Thus this is the simple way to transfer files between your android and pc whenever you had forgotten  your data cable or lost it and don’t want to spend on it.

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