Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I had already posted some of the features of vlc media player and today I would like to write down some shortcuts that I found useful while using vlc player as  it is  very annoying to use mouse cursors every time to perform different functions while using vlc media player.
1.       A= used to adjust to the aspect ratio of the video as per the user convenient.
2.       B= used to toggle between different audio languages available.
3.       F=used to enable full screen mode and vice versa.
4.       G & H=helps in delaying the subtitle to positive or negative value while the subtitle of movie does not synchronize with the actual audio.
5.        J & K=useful in audio synchronization with the lips whenever there is some delay in audio with respect to lip sync.
6.       L=enable or disable loop in playlist.
7.       M=mute and unmute audio .
8.       N & P=jump to next or previous videos.
9.       R=play random video from playlist.
10.   S=to stop the current video.
11.   Space= to pause the video.
These are some of the keyboard shortcuts which will make your vlc experience more convenient and handy. Hope you will definitely like it too.  


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