Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy valentine's day

Valentine's day is the festival of love in which many people exchanges cards, letters, flowers and gifts with their loved ones. It is observed in the 14th february each year of georgian calender.

Valentine's day  is celebrated in many country all over the world including Nepal.Heart, Red Roses, and Cupid are the common symbols of Valentine's Day. The word 'Valentine' specially represents for love in this day.

Although it is a foreign festival, it is celebrated in Nepal too. The history of  valentine's day in Nepal is not so old, people started to celebrate in late 90s only and mostly celebrated in city and town areas of Nepal. Generally school and college students take valentine's day with much interest. People consider this day as day for young and kids as many young people wait for this day to put a love proposal to their loved ones.

In Nepal, Valentine's day is also known as 'PREM DIWAS' or ' PRANAYA DIWAS'. It is declared as a public holidays in some countries, however it is not a public holiday in Nepal but this year it falls on the public holiday so this may be  the good news for the people who are planning to celebrate it outside the city or want to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Couples are seen in the restaurants and parks in this day. It is also a good business days for hotels and restaurants which also offers a special events and programme to attract tourists and couples. It is also very important for the people who are staying far away from their families and loved ones.

This day may be of great importance to the peoples who wants to communicate and keep in touch with their loved ones which are away from them.



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